The Cottage Grove Historical Society is currently working on several projects to help preserve and share the history of Cottage Grove and its surrounding area. Current projects include:

Mural Projects 

The summer of 2021 saw the completion of the Buster Keaton Mural Revitalization. The mural committee has decided to work on a mural to honor Eva Davenport. The plan is to paint the mural on mural board and disply on the west facing wall of the Bookmine.The committee continues to work out details and raise funds to complete the Eva Mural and plans to work on a mural of the Goose in 2023..

Future projects ideas include a mural celebrating the filming of Emperor of the North and a mural celebrating local Olympian Dyrol Burleson. 

Magnolia Gardens Presentations

Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, we have resumed offereing a monthly presentation to the Magnolia Gardens community. These presentations are geared toward this unique community and strives to engage the audience in infomative discussions. We appreciate the support of the Magnolia Gardens staff and the enthusiasm of the residents. 

History Beeper

We continue to plan and organize the history beeper show on KNND radio AM1400. With support from Partners in History various topics are discussed and we look forward to callers from the community contribuing to the discussion. To listen tune in at 9 am on the first Thursday of every month. 

New Publication  

We are working to compile a variety of storys that have appeared in past newsletters into a publication that can be sold in the giftshop. Once the stories have been complied we will edit, revise and add any needed updates. The completed publication will be added to our list of books available for sale. Proceeds will be used to help fund the organizations activities and further preservation efforts

Ongoing Digitization

Our research library continues to work on digitizing our collections. We continue to scan photo's and articles, converting reel to reel, VHS and other media to modern formats to ensure access to these valuable pieces of data that stores a treasure trove of local history. We also recently began the ongoing project of recording all of our public presentations and creating usable video presentations, adding to our collection and increasing our resources.