Just a few of our most famous pieces of history from Cottage Grove. 


Buster Keaton - This famous silent film star directed and stared in what became the Silent Era's biggest blockbuster film right here in Cottage Grove and up the Row River Valley. 

Opal Whiteley - Opal Whiteley is a controversial character who grew up in logging camps around Cottage Grove and up the Row River. Experts today still debate and disagree on exactly who this character was, but the one thing we know for sure is she was raised in our community. 

Covered Bridges - Cottage Grove proudly lays claim to 6 local covered bridges. Lane County has 20, making us a popular destination for those looking to see these nostalgic structures. 

McFarland Cemetery - A local pioneer cemetery managed by the Cottage Grove Historical Society. Interred here are friends and family of the McFarlands, an early area family that settled here in the 1860s with a Donation Land Claim.