The Cottage Grove Historical Society is currently working on several projects to help preserve and share the history of Cottage Grove and its surrounding area. Current projects include:

New Presentation Option

We are working with Magnolia Gardens to provide monthly presentations to their residents. This project, spearheaded by JoAnn Gray with input and support by Marcia Allen, will utilize the Partners in History groups to provide a wide variety of topics and ease the budern on any one group. We are excited to be leading this program and expanding our reach to more members of the community. Several members of the Historical Society reside at Magnolia Gardens. By brining the presentations directly to the facility we are hoping to increase access to history. 

New Publication  

We are working to compile a variety of storys that have appeared in past newsletters into a publication that can be sold in the giftshop. Once the stories have been complied we will edit, revise and add any needed updates. The completed publication will be added to our list of books available for sale. Proceeds will be used to help fund the organizations activities and further preservation efforts. 

Video Production

We continue to record our monthly presentations and work to edit, polish and create a video that is then added to our library. We currently have several video's published, however we are also working to catch up on a backlog of videos. 

Ongoing Digitization

Our research library continues to work on digitizing our collections. We continue to scan photo's and articles, converting reel to reel, VHS and other media to modern formats to ensure access to these valuable pieces of data that stores a treasure trove of local history. We also recently began the ongoing project of recording all of our public presentations and creating usable video presentations, adding to our collection and increasing our resources. 

Heritage All Star Grant

This state funded grant distributed by the City of Cottage Grove, was used to update our computer and digital storage system. With a new desktop office computer, including increased storage capacity, we are better able to continue to digitize our collections and maintain up to date programming access. This grant also provided the needed equipment to develop this new website you're browsing now.